Mental Health Solutions

Date: October 28, 2017
We offer tailored mental health solutions to children, adults and families with the goal of promoting safety and wellness. Using a broad network of highly trained, experienced and caring clinicians we offer Individual and Family Counseling to address trauma, abuse, neglect, behavioral problems, conflict resolution, anger management, depression, grief, anxiety, and stress. Additionally, we offer 1) Parent Circle which promotes parenting skills through networking; 2) After-School and Summer Camp for children; and 3) Crisis Mitigation Support.

Transformative Research and Evaluation (TRE) conducted a longitudinal study of youth participants and in the findings reported, when comparing baseline to one-year, youth had a reduction in 100% of the following symptoms: Adjustment to Trauma; Traumatic Grief; Reexperiencing; Hyperarousal; Avoidance; Numbing; Dissociation; and Affective and/or Physiological Dysregulation (TRE, 2019). TRE also noted, when baseline to one-year data were compared, youth had a reduction in the following behavioral and emotional needs: Psychosis, Attention/Concentration, Impulsivity, Depression, Anxiety, Conduct, Attachment, Eating Disorder, Behavioral Regression, and Inability to control anger (TRE, 2019). These findings illuminate how impactful our program is for children, which in turn directly impacts their family and ultimately community.