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Our 2020 Goal: $750,000


Our commitment to youth is consistent with our commitment to organizational growth and development in that as youth’s needs continue to evolve and emerge, so do the practices and services in our organization. By identifying needs and tailoring them, our continuum of care model remains one of the most responsive service models in the county.

Trauma Informed Care
Our research indicates that childhood trauma is prevalent in our community, as evidenced by over 85 percent of CCSC students served having experienced some form of childhood trauma. To address this need, CCSC has developed the Care Village model that provides trauma informed care and supportive services to children and families.

Our Provider Networks

Serving Our Most Vulnerable


With assistance from our various providers, we are able to set students up with services they need to succeed. That includes individual, family and group therapy and counseling, tutoring and more. Below is a list of our community providers:

  • Community Teen Coalition, Inc.
  • Grace Harbour
  • New Heights Behavioral Consultants, LLC.
  • Stepping Stones Intervention
  • Serenity Counseling
  • Family Ties, Inc.
  • The Bethel Center
  • Lite House
  • Layne Center for Therapy Education and Assessment
  • Gathering Precious Stones, LLC
  • New Infinite Possibilities, LLC
  • New Era Counseling and Educational Services, LLC