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Promoting Hope

In Children, Families & Communities

Navigators of Hope

Children experience challenges or exposures to traumatic events that place their health at risk. 

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lack of motivation


conflict and anger outbursts

unhealthy relationships

poor decision making

substance abuse and addictions

suicidal thoughts 

unhealthy behaviors

Symptoms below are often associated with challenges, including trauma exposures

Through Talk Therapy, we help children navigate difficult situations and foster healthy relationships, behaviors & success.

Our Services


We work with children and individuals of all ages to develop a treatment plan tailored to their specific needs.


Individual and family counseling are available in-person, virtually and at partnering schools.


We raise awareness on how to fight the impact of trauma so children and families can have healthy futures.

Actions of Hope

Through our SJP helpdesk

we provide replication assistance to cultivate

hope nationwide.


Our community transformation began with a collaborative, our School Justice Partnership (SJP).Given the success of our SJP, we have formed a help desk to replicate reform nation-wide. To date we have provided replication assistance to over 50 jurisdictions nationally. Many of these jurisdictions have enjoyed positive outcomes including a decrease in school based arrests and an increase in school safety and climate. 

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Changing the Narrative

our Why

Children and families in the Foster Care and Juvenile Justice system often experience a high level of traumatic challenges or Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). This places them at an increased risk of developing asthma, learning and behavioral problems in childhood. When these children do not receive proper intervention, the risk expands into adulthood where they are twice as likely to develop heart disease, stroke, cancer and chronic lung disease, which are some of the leading causes of death in our nation.





twice as likely to

develop asthma

32 times more likely to develop
learning problems

32 times more likely to develop
behavior problems

twice as likely to develop

heart disease & stroke

twice as likely to develop


twice as likely to develop

chronic lung disease

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Your safety is our priority.

Our team practices safety measures in alignment with CDC policies.

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